Maloti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Conservation and Development Area

Location & Map

The Maloti-Drakensberg Transfrontier Conservation and Development Area covers 14 740 km² of the mountains that straddle the north-eastern border between Lesotho and South Africa. It comprises  a transboundary World Heritage Site composed of the Sehlathebe National Park in Lesotho and the uKhahlamba Drakensberg National Park in South Africa.
These mountains form the highest peaks in the sub-region, and support unique montane and sub-alpine ecosystems. The area has spectacular scenery and is an important centre of endemism for montane plant species. It is also home to the greatest outdoor gallery of rock art in the world, with thousands of images painted by the San people.
The area is furthermore the most important water catchment area for the people of Lesotho and South Africa. Two of the largest civil engineering projects in southern Africa, the Tugela-Vaal Scheme and the Lesotho Highlands Water Project carry water from the mountains to the economic powerhouse of Africa, the province of Gauteng.
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