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Latest News15 June 2017

Astounding success of Erin

Erin Camp
Erin Camp

Tourism Officer for the Khomani San, Dirk Pienaar, says something meaningful has been started from nothing by Peace Parks Foundation, which manages the ‘Khomani San – Living in Peace’ project, sponsored by Rotary International and the German government. There has been capacity building and job creation – especially around Erin Game Ranch, which is the flagship project of the Khomani San. Camp staff, guides, trackers and skinners have all been employed in this highly successful game farm venture. Ranger Katrina Koper is one of the Erin wildlife rangers and says she has had lots of other jobs, but this one is by far the best. 'I have learnt so much here and I keep learning every day. I enjoy working with wildlife more than anything else.' Her passion is palpable. read more

The long-term strategic objective of the Community Development Programme is to promote economic growth and development for local communities living adjacent to the TFCAs, based on the sustainable use of natural resources.

This will include the provision of alternative livelihoods, the implementation of viable and sustainable community-based agriculture for food security, alternative energy sources, reproductive health programmes, conservation and tourism-related projects and securing business opportunities arising.

The focus is on improving income and food security as tangible community benefits through partnership-based initiatives.

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