Changing lives for the better

17 May 2017

Ana Gumende, Adelina Chinda and Paulo Mahlango
Ana Gumende, Adelina Chinda and Paulo Mahlango
Community farming projects are changing lives every day. Bird’s eye chillies have more bite than just the sauces they are added to; they are building houses, buying furniture and opening bank accounts for growers. In the four short years the project* has been on the go, it has completely changed the lives of those involved – for the better, and without exception.
Ana Gumende says she learnt there were other, easier ways to make a living then poaching for the pot and chopping down trees to make charcoal. ‘Growing chillies is legal and much easier,’ she smiles from under her blue head scarf, ‘I can now feed and clothe my children from my chilli income, no problem.’

Adelina Chinda is dressed to match the red hot chillies she’s picked and has built a brick house for her family.

Paulo Mahlango has the widest smile imaginable and says his house now has a brand new roof that doesn’t leak. All big changes from the tiniest of chillies.

Story and photos by Keri Harvey

* The chilli project was enabled by the Community Development Facility, a joint initiative between the government of Mozambique, COmON Foundation and Peace Parks Foundation, in the southern Mozambique component of the Lubombo TFCA.

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