Cross-border Cooperation

27 November 2008

On Tuesday, 25 November 2008 the Managing Executive of the Kruger National Park, Dr Bandile Mkhize presented Mozambique's Limpopo National Park with a rubber dingy on a loan basis to help with law enforcement in that park.

"We are lending this beautiful new boat so that you can help us patrol the upper reaches of the Massingir Dam to rid the area of illegal fishing and thus help to secure the aquatic life of this river system for generations to come," said Dr Mkhize.
Donated by the SANParks Honorary Rangers, the boat is an inflatable hulled vessel complete with motors and trailer and is worth around R80 000. It is ideal for patrolling deep water as found in the Massingir Dam.
During his address, Dr Mkhize stressed that the loan of this boat was as a result of the good cooperation between the two respective parks which has been built up over the last few years.

"As we know and accept the Limpopo National Park and its staff and rangers are in effect our colleagues as we are all working together as part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, of which both our respective national parks are an integral part," he added.
Dr Bandile Mkhize, Mr Baldeu Chande, Mr Derek Potter, LNP project manager and Mr John Turner.

This loan follows the donation of two boats to South African National Parks (SANParks) by the Honorary Rangers following a plea by KNP rangers for a boat to patrol the Olifants River to rid the area of illegal fishing, particularly near the Mozambique border.
The other boat, a R70 000 aluminium hulled boat complete with motor and trailer, which was presented to SANParks during September, is currently being used to patrol the Olifants River Gorge on the look out for illegal fishermen. This boat will also be used to monitor the crocodile situation which has seen more than 160 crocodiles perishing of Pansteatitis since May 2008.
In his acceptance of the boat, Limpopo National Park Administrator Mr Baldeu Chande thanked both SANParks and the SANParks Honorary Rangers for the loan.

"We vow to use this boat in the fight against illegal fishing in the Massingir Dam," he commented, "and will also use it to investigate any crocodile carcasses we happen to find."

The boat will be based at the Limpopo National Park head office near the Massingir Dam wall.
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27th November 2008

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